• Royalwind Mountain Clean & Cool Shampoo

Royalwind Mountain Clean & Cool Shampoo

Target group: People with oily, dandruff and itching hair

Product efficacy: It is inspired by the alpine forest with floral and fruity perfume, fresh and elegant.


Product Description

This series of products adopts a weak acid moisturizing formula, which does not damage the scalp during shampooing, and instead forms a lubricating protective layer on the hairline to reduce the friction on the hair cuticle and the hair core. It adopts a formula of multiple perfumes, leaving long-lasting fragrance on the hairline to keep good mood all day long.

Target group: People with dull, tangled and fragile hair

Product efficacy: It is inspired by Hermes land with steady costustoot, noble and charming.

The extracts of dogwood and ginseng are added specially. It can replenish nutrition, improve hair gloss and solve the problems of hair knotting and tangling and poor elasticity. It helps to smooth the hair core, strengthen the hairline and make the hair smooth and elastic during shampooing.