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Why Use Chinese Herbal Shampoo?

Jan. 07, 2019

Traditional Chinese methods to baldness have long maintained that if blood flow from the scalp is healthy, the hair will be healthy also. This clarifies why Bai Zhi and Dang Gui are fundamental to the formulation of Bawang Chinese Herbal Shampoo. Packed with pure oils and two contemporary Chinese hair care herbs, Lu Hui and Gan Ye Ju, this Natural Shampoo helps keep a wholesome scalp and healthy glossy hair.

Herbs main Works

* Dang Gui helps to move the qi and accelerate the blood from the scalp.

* Bai Zhi helps discharge breeze from skin and stations.

* Lu Hui helps induce skin to attain deeper layers and regenerate .

* Gan Ye Hui enhances hair luster and treats dandruff.

For Best results, wet hair, apply BAWANG Shampoo and operate in with palms while gently massaging the scalp. Allow the shampoo break for a moment or 2 before rinsing. 

Chinese Herbal Shampoo