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Why is Your Hair Bad?

Sep. 03, 2019

Some people are often worried about the pressure in their real life, worry about their relationships, worry about their work, worry about their face and reputation, and worry about their illness and death. It has produced a psychological defense, often fidgeting, restlessness, high mental stress, and a strong anxiety. BAWANG Shampoo Manufacturer summarizes several common reasons for poor hair quality:

1. Long-term anxiety can cause hair loss

Excessive anxiety can cause systemic symptoms such as heart irritability, gastrointestinal reflex spasm, visceral vasoconstriction, and peripheral small vessel contraction. These symptoms of whole body heart caused by anxiety also affect the growth of hair. As the peripheral small blood vessels continue to contract, the blood circulation of the skin is diminished, including blood flowing through the scalp. Since the scalp is not fully supported by blood, the nutrient supply of the hair is greatly reduced, so that a series of hair diseases such as hair yellowing and dullness, scalp scaling, and hair loss is caused by linkage. This can be effectively alleviated by using Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo.

BAWANG Shampoo

BAWANG Shampoo

2. Manic and violent people are prone to hair loss

Manic, anger, and hatred are psychological reactions, but they also affect the health of the hair. Unhealthy emotions such as arrogance, anger, hatred, etc. can lead to endocrine disorders, which cause the skin's capillaries to contract, slow or even block blood flow, especially affecting the microcirculation function of the capillaries on the scalp, leading to hypoxia of the hair follicles. Lack of nutrition and lack of water. The hair is caused to fall off a lot due to the loss of nutritional support. It should be said that the problem of hair loss caused by bad emotions such as mania is not enough. Drug treatment is not enough. In the treatment of hair loss, psychological treatment should also be accepted to adjust the mood, otherwise, the effect is not obvious.

3. People who are often sad are prone to premature aging

In daily life, you can often see some people, usually frowning and unhappy. If you look closely, it is not difficult to see that these people generally have awkward images, thin hair, and even white hair, and people are quite aging.

BAWANG advises everyone to keep your hair in order to keep your hair healthy, and you can also use BAWANG Shampoo to help your hair stay healthy.