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How To Save Our Fragile Hair In The Summer?

Jun. 11, 2019

In the summer, excessive light will darken the skin and accelerate aging, and sweating will easily lead to a series of skin problems such as large pores. Therefore, everyone will pay more attention to the care of summer skin. Compared to skin care, many people do not agree with scalp protection. In fact, in summer, hair is easy to dry and sensitive. It is very necessary to protect our hair and scalp.

What challenges do our hair encounter in the summer?

The first problem: excessive secretion of scalp oil

Summer is hot and hot, and the scalp is hot and sweaty, which will intensify the secretion of hair roots.

For the greasy hair problem, BAWANG's solution is:

1. The care product is replaced with a deep oil control effect, such as BAWANG Hair Oil Control Shampoo.

2. Clean the hair and add deep cleansing once or twice a week, with a deep cleansing to help the scalp control the oil.

Hair Oil Control Shampoo

The second problem: increased dandruff

It is easy to sweat in summer, and it is easy to cause bacteria to grow after sweating, forming a piece of dandruff. Coupled with eating and living habits, it accelerates the maturation and aging of the epidermal cells of the scalp, thus leading to a large increase in dandruff.

For the problem of increased dandruff, BAWANG's solution is:

1. Supplement vitamins, eat properly, adjust life and work

2. Adjust the above factors and then use the professional Anti-Dandruff TCM Shampoo to solve this problem.

Anti-Dandruff TCM Shampoo

The third problem: hair dry and fork

This often happens in the summer, the scalp is always oily, but the hair is dry and the fork is very serious. This is because strong sunlight and ultraviolet radiation make the hair tip dry and easy to split and even break.

For the hair dry hair problem, BAWANG's solution is:

1. Use moisturizing conditioning products

2. Spray UV-resistant UVA/UVB hair or hair care oil on the surface of the hair before summer to effectively block UV rays.

Bring the BAWANG Anti-Hair Loss Hair Care Set and start the summer refreshing journey of the scalp hair!