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BAWANG Shampoo: Preventing Hair Loss in a Youthful Way

Aug. 02, 2019

In the first half of 2019, BAWANG Shampoo teamed up with the 2019 College Student Advertising Arts Academy Awards Spring Collection Campaign to complete a creative anti-off trip with millions of college students across the country. This is the first time that BAWANG Shampoo has come to college campuses, and has taken the initiative to step into the youth group and use the youthful way to carry out the prevention.

2019 is the 30th anniversary of the Bawang Group. In the face of the increasingly young anti-off trend, how does the 20-year-old BAWANG get rid of the brand's aging mark and re-awake the brand's vitality?

BAWANG Shampoo: Preventing Hair Loss in a Youthful Way

Recall the vitality of the brand and capture the mental needs of young people

The latest Ali Health Report shows that a new market for anti-offsets based on the post-90s is taking shape, and anti-off is no longer the exclusive label for middle-aged and elderly people.

At the same time, Chinese herbal medicine is not old, not old-fashioned. BAWANG not only inherits the Chinese herbal medicine culture from the heart but also exerts its strength in youth, fun, and fashion, so that Chinese medicine can prevent new styles. The 30-year-old brand culture is constantly using new attitudes and new ways to appeal to consumers to maintain a healthy lifestyle and let hair return to itself. The beauty of the natural, black and beautiful oriental hair has always been the ultimate goal of the BAWANG brand's initial heart and brand marketing.

Create a campus scene, deep influence activates creative passion

In the face of escalating consumer trends, whether a brand can attract the attention and resonance of young people is an important factor in whether the current brand can stabilize the market in the future and achieve successful development. BAWANG upholds an open and entertaining attitude in the rejuvenation brand strategy, strengthens online services, deepens the scene experience, and establishes and exports young, open and flexible images and products. In particular, in the past two years, the brand's attributes on social media have been strengthened. By creating IP, cross-border, interactive marketing and other young people's favorite gameplay, the distance between BAWANG and young consumers has been brought closer.

BAWANG Shampoo: Preventing Hair Loss in a Youthful Way

Creativity stems from insights and builds a treasure trove of younger research

BAWANG joins the ranks of the Academy Awards proposition companies. For BAWANG, this is not only a simple collection of works but also a process in which traditional brands produce wonderful chemical reactions in young people. Creative teachers and students study creatively, creative big coffee and brand owners strictly check, together to find the BAWANG brand younger way. The long-term brand contact makes the students deeply understand BAWANG, fall in love with BAWANG, create BAWANG together with the enterprise, maintain BAWANG, and gradually change the BAWANG wild spokesperson from ordinary consumers to form a BAWANG brand loyal fan group. Keep following the brand.

BAWANG Shampoo: Preventing Hair Loss in a Youthful Way

Scene marketing is a very popular form at present, and the joint college awards to create a campus marketing scene is the most important step in the BAWANG brand rejuvenation. In just a few months, this creative anti-off trip, BAWANG, and students enthusiastically collided and opened their minds to discuss hair loss problems and seek ways to prevent young people from accepting them.

In this era of information flooding and information fragmentation, the consumer psychology of college students' consumer groups has not only considered rigid demand but also paid more attention to the texture and personalized consumption experience on this basis. Therefore, on the issue of huge social hair loss, let BAWANG and young people use their creativity to activate the brand, and directly hit the current anti-pain point so that more consumers have a satisfactory new experience.