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Can Poria Cocos Cure Hair Loss?

Oct. 14, 2019

  As an Anti-hair Loss Solution Supplier, introduce a little knowledge of Anti-hair Loss. Why can you treat hair loss? In fact, this has something to do with the patient's physique. Chinese medicine divides hair loss into many types, of which endogenous dampness leads to one that cannot be ignored. This kind of person is too humid, causing the water to wet up, constantly eroding the hair roots, eventually leading to scalp qi and blood blockage, induced hair loss. This is the cause of most hair loss. Our company Anti-hair Loss Shampoo is available for sale.

Anti-hair Loss Shampoo

Anti-hair Loss Shampoo

  A famous doctor Yue Meizhong used the Poria cocos to heal the alopecia of the father and son. The Poria cocos were 500-1000 grams, made into powder, each serving 6 grams, boiled in water, 2 times a day, with hair roots as the standard, father and son. They used the medicine for 2-3 months, the hair grew a lot, and the hair loss was cured. In this regard, Yue Shi believes that the formation of alopecia is mostly due to too much moisture in the body, up to the scalp, eroding the hair roots, causing the roots to rot and fall, and the cockroaches can remove moisture, remove the moisture and then the hair will Growing up, therefore, Yue often likes to treat baldness with “one taste and drink”.

  The specific method is to beat the white Poria cocos into powder, directly swallow it with warm water (the effect is better after frying). It can promote subcutaneous blood circulation, stimulate hair follicles, effectively inhibit hair loss and even grow new hair.

  Hair loss is an annoying thing. If it is serious, it will be bald. Therefore, you must do a good job of hair loss during your daily life. You should ensure adequate sleep every day. It is not only energetic but also energetic to soak your feet before going to bed. Care for the hair. Frequent deep breathing, walking. It also can eliminate mental fatigue.

  So how do you prevent fetal hair in your life?

  First, learn to decompress

  Stress is too tight to make you nervous. On the one hand, it will make the mental tension stretch the scalp, making the capillaries thinner from the normal hair, causing the blood vessels to close, and the microcirculation cannot normally provide nutrition to the scalp cells, causing hair loss problems. On the other hand, due to stress Will squeeze the hair follicle oil so that the hair is oily so that the hair follicle metabolism and excretion can not move properly, so once the blockage will occur hair loss problem. Therefore, to prevent hair loss, you must learn to reduce stress and keep yourself more relaxed and stress-free.

  Second, quit smoking

  It is undeniable that tobacco contains a lot of toxic substances, which will cause the body to age prematurely, thus affecting the growth rate of hair. Therefore, after quitting smoking, you will find that your hair is getting healthier and healthier.

  Third, drink plenty of water

  Sufficient moisture ensures that the body does not lose moisture, which ensures that the scalp can absorb enough nutrients.

  Fourth, pay attention to sleep quality

  One-third of human life is spent in sleep, and it is recommended that friends in real life do not underestimate the impact of sleep on health. Good sleep can not only reduce stress, relax, but also help the hair grow better. Also, choose the pillow when choosing a comfortable one. Try not to use the sticky pillow.

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