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No more Duang! BAWANG elect the young singer Mao Buyi to endorse, but the netizen said it is because of the name?

Jul. 11, 2018

For most Chinese consumers, their impression of the BAWANG anti-hair fall shampoo may still remain in the online hot words of Jackie Chan's "Duang". But in May of this year, aiming at the post-90s, BAWANG choose the singer Mao Buyi as the chief experience officer of BAWANG.

Mao Buyi, previous named as Wang Weijia, born in 1994 in Heilongjiang Province. He is a famous player in the 2017 China Network Talent Show Variety "The Son of the future", an excellent creator and singer. His single song "Xiaochou" launched in the Kugou app on July 29th, only in 24 hours the play is more than 10 million, and the cumulative play in 3 days is more than 30 million.This also succinctly proves that this 94-year-old boy has a certain number of fan groups in the younger generation.

"The choice was based on the brand rejuvenation. BAWANG's current consumer base of e-commerce channels is already mostly post-90s." Wang Liang, deputy general manager of BAWANG (GUANGZHOU) CO., LTD., said in an interview with "Cosmeceutical Finance Online" that Mao Buyi is a strong singer-songwriter who has the strength and connotation. "It is very suitable for the tonality of the BAWANG brand."

Interestingly, from the beginning of Jackie Chan's "Duang", the video of the boss scotched the rumour of his hairline was unexpectedly popular, and every marketing of BAWANG seems to be in line with the "laughing point" of young people. This time, combined the product of the anti-hair fall shampoo with the name of Mao Buyi (means the hair is not easily fall in Chinese), the netizen joked that "BAWANG choose Mao as their prolocutor because of his name?"

In this regard, Wang Liang said frankly: "It is a good thing for netizens to talk about jokes." He believes that "Buyi" can be understood as not easy, and can also be understood as "unchanged", that is, "the beginning of the heart is unchanged", BAWANG sticks to the quality, adheres to the consumer experience. At the same time, about the new spokesperson, there will be more kinds of cooperation in the form of custom gift boxes, new product launches, and offline activities. "At the same time, BAWANG has more in-depth content output in the secondary animation, and continues to do a good job of brand rejuvenation." Wang Liang stressed.

As early as last year, Wang Liang stressed in an interview with Cosmetics Finance Online that the post-90s consumer groups have really entered the consumer market. The youngest batch of 90s is already 18 years old, and their consumption power should not be underestimated; The era of their growth is also different from that of the post-70s and 80s. They belong to the Internet's aborigines, and they have a unique pursuit of product packaging style and brand concept.

Under the trend of the age of beauty consumption, brands are striving for the youthfulness of product image. It can be seen that the choice of Mao Buyi as the chief experience officer of BAWANG is another active attack by BAWANG on the brand upgrade of the younger market.