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The Development Of Bawang Natural Herbal Shampoo Market

Dec. 19, 2018

On August 31, the reporter learned from Bawang International's 2007 Fortune Gala that Bawang's newly listed Natural Herbal Shampoo is aimed at the traditional natural plant shampoo market. The Overlord still invites Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan to endorse the series. It is planned to invest huge sums of money in marketing, which will definitely bring the already fiercely competitive daily market to reshuffle.

Insiders pointed out that natural and healthy lifestyles are becoming a new trend of consumption. Pure Natural Shampoo products cater to this trend of consumption. As the leading brand of Chinese medicine, the  saponins launched by Bawang Four new products, such as ginseng and tea seed, are very representative. Their functional characteristics are oil control and anti-dandruff, black and soft, nourishing and nourishing, nourishing and anti-dandruff. This new product also inherits the ancestral Chinese herbal medicine raising of the Chinese medicine family. The beauty secret recipe continues to continue the high quality of the Bawang brand, with fresh fragrance and fashionable packaging, and the market prospect is very promising.

Mr. Wan, the president of Bawang Group, introduced that since ancient times, there has been a tradition of shredding and Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo Chinese herbal medicines such as saponins and tea seeds. The hair is soft, black, and has no itch. Overlord natural plant series shampoo conforms to the new trend of daily chemical industry. It is made of international advanced biotechnology and ancestral herbal recipes. The raw materials of the products are all selected from the famous Chinese Herbal Shampoo saponins, ginseng, tea seeds and angelica. Ganoderma lucidum, etc., is characterized by mild nature, external adjustment, and truly achieves healthy and strong hair, black and thick.

It is reported that Bawang Group has invested heavily in the launch of these four products, which is to establish a banner of national shampoo brands, break the pattern of foreign brands unifying the world, and the newly-advertised blockbuster movie is endorsed by Jackie Chan and will soon be widely distributed in major TV media across the country. Intensive delivery.

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