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The Secret New Technology Promotes the Modernization of Chinese Medicine Industry

Jul. 16, 2019

Traditional Chinese medicine is an important part of the excellent culture of the Chinese nation and has made an indelible contribution to the prosperity and human health of the Chinese nation. However, in order to develop Chinese medicine, it is necessary to combine high technology with modern technology to achieve sustainable development and make greater contributions to the development of human society.

Bawang Group, a leading consumer of fast-moving consumer goods with Chinese herbal medicine as its core, has been committed to the research of Chinese herbal medicines for hair growth, beauty, and health, and focuses on the secondary development of Chinese herbal medicine. It combines traditional Chinese herbal medicines with modern care products through modern technology to serve the public.

Chinese medicine fast-dissipating enterprises promote the development of Chinese medicine industry chain

The modernization of traditional Chinese medicine is a great cause that benefits the nation, benefits the country, benefits the people, and advances. In order to promote the modernization of Chinese medicine, it depends on the modernization of the Chinese medicine industry chain. The development of the Chinese medicine industry is not only to support the development of the traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical industry. To truly realize the industrialization and standardization of traditional Chinese medicine, we must focus on integrating self-innovation with the needs of modern life. To meet the needs of contemporary people, the value of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese herbal medicine culture will be maximized, which will have a profound impact on economic development.

The leading enterprises that have made a difference in the field of traditional Chinese medicine can make full use of modern science and technology on the basis of inheriting and carrying forward the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, which can promote the modernization and international development of traditional Chinese medicine.

The maturity and development of Chinese herbal medicine fast-moving consumer goods enterprises including Bawang, the deep exploration, and application of traditional Chinese medicine culture will have a tremendous impetus to the development of Chinese medicine culture. This not only means that the Chinese medicine culture has been well inherited and developed but also proves the strong vitality of Chinese medicine culture.

The Secret New Technology Promotes the Modernization of Chinese Medicine Industry

Bawang's new process formula to modernize the Chinese medicine industry

The chain involved in the Chinese medicine industry chain is very long. There is Chinese medicine cultivation in the upper reaches of the industrial chain. There is a Chinese medicine processing industry in the middle, Chinese medicine knowledge industry (recipe), and brand marketing in the downstream. Generally speaking, to improve the degree of modernization of Chinese medicine, it is necessary to achieve a certain scale in every link of the industrial chain. Throughout the domestically developed Chinese medicine industry, the enterprises are more developed, starting from one or some links in the chain, and making these links irreplaceable. Once it occupies the core of a certain link in the industrial chain, it will extend to the entire industry chain.

Bawang Group is a Chinese Herbal Shampoo Factory with a high concentration of traditional Chinese medicine resources. As the leading brand in the Chinese Herbal ANTI-HAIR FALL Shampoo market, Bawang brand has been sold well both at home and abroad and has become a well-known brand in Asia. After the products were put on the market and received a strong response, Bawang Group established a system for the development of Chinese herbal medicine products, and constantly improve the system, in order to transform the research of traditional Chinese medicine into productivity to promote the Chinese medicine industry. Scientific, standardized, and branded development.

In addition to the innovation in the development of Chinese herbal medicines in the cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines, Bawang continues to increase the research and development of Chinese herbal medicines and adopts international production techniques to continuously upgrade the traditional Chinese medicine hair care formula to provide better products for the healthy life of Chinese people. culture. The new product of Bawang is the market research and consumer research of Bawang Group. After adopting the list of Lingnan Chinese Medicine Cultural Heritage Protection, the four ancestral secret recipes of the Chen family have been made by the ancestors of the Chen family, Shouwu black hair, and the scum Blood is wise.

In the entire Chinese medicine industry chain, the most important is the research and development and technology. Especially for the traditional Chinese medicine modernization application, only the high-tech Chinese herbal medicine products can guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the final product. Bawang Group has formed a complete process and control in research and development and can use the combination of international technology and ancestral secrets to building a core value chain of modern high-tech enterprises and traditional Chinese medicine around the needs of people's lives. To support and develop the modern Chinese medicine industry as a high-tech industry.

Scientific and technological innovation, leading the internationalization of Chinese medicine industry

Protecting and promoting Chinese herbal medicine culture is related to the revival of the national industry and the driving of the national economy. It is the mission of the times and has become an important strategic component of national and regional development.