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Why are Men More Likely to be Bald?

Aug. 27, 2019

The fertile land does not grow grass, the clever head does not have long hair, this is just the self-deprecating and praise of the bald men, which means that although the hair on the head is very rare, it is because they are too smart. Indeed, there are many bald men, and female baldness is indeed very rare unless it is suffering from some diseases that may lead to short-lived baldness.

So why are men more likely to be bald? Is this also a mystery? Next, as a Hair Cream Factory, BAWANG will work with you to uncover this mystery.

In fact, baldness is closely related to the physiological characteristics of men. Men are a group with strong male hormone secretion. Although women also have androgen, they are much different from men, which is one of the reasons for the difference between men and women. Too much androgen causes the hair cells in the hair follicles of the hair roots to be "closed". This is A common physiological phenomenon, and women have fewer male hormones, so the chance of baldness is much smaller.

Moreover, people with strong male hormones are mostly masculine and more masculine. These men are more responsible and more daring to fight and be more considerate. Therefore, bald men will do a good job in most careers, and their high male hormones, coupled with the pressure of hard work, will lead to premature hair loss and baldness.

In fact, baldness can be prevented, just because it may be a slow process, so it is easy to be ignored. Coupled with men's treatment of their bodies, there is no such thing as serious and care for women. In the process of hard work, health is often neglected. Therefore, the lack of nutrients in the body causes the hair to lose nutrients and become more withered. In the end, there is no way. Grow again.

Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

How to prevent it from being bald? Next, BAWANG will give some practical advice to men who don't want to be bald.

1. A man with kidney deficiency must have a strong kidney. Kidney main fur, this is the theory of Chinese medicine, that is to say, people with kidney deficiency are prone to hair loss. The kidney is innate, that is, the vitality, the hair is the product of blood. If the kidney is imaginary, it will lead to hair loss and will cause hair loss. Kidney deficiency can cause hair follicles to absorb nutrients slowly, and it is easy to cause poor blood circulation in the scalp, which leads to hair loss. Therefore, people with kidney deficiency must supplement protein, strengthen the function of the kidneys, eat more foods that supplement blood and qi, improve kidney deficiency, and naturally improve hair loss.

2. Improve bad habits. Many men want to fight for their careers, hard work, smoking, drinking, staying up late, these are bad habits, these bad habits will lead to the imbalance of nutrition, career, but health is the most important.

3. Learn to release stress, exercise more, and travel more.

In addition to the above suggestions, you can also use our Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo to care for your hair and scalp more professionally.