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Keep Your Hair And Refuse To Lose Hair!

Jun. 03, 2019

As a Hair Oil Control Shampoo Supplier, BAWANG is here today to introduce a shampoo of black hair.

Hair Strengthening TCM Shampoo inherits the essence of Chinese herbal medicine. It uses the principles of “black, moist, new and raw” to select the best Chinese herbal medicines Polygonum multiflorum, Eclipta prostrata, Ligustrum lucidum, Ganoderma lucidum, Cynomorium, Salvia miltiorrhiza, soaking and cooking. It is made into a black hair solidifying liquid, which is blended with the current biotechnology. Its mild nature can be used to solidify hair, deepen the scalp, strengthen the hair roots, effectively help the dull yellow, dull and fragile and easy to lose hair, restore the black and thick, full of life.

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Hair Strengthening TCM Shampoo