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How to Relieve Hair Loss?

Jul. 26, 2019

It is normal to drop 50 to 100 hairs a day, but if it exceeds this amount, it may be alopecia. Hair loss is medically known as alopecia. The cause of the disease is the normal growth cycle of the hair, the hair follicle lesions and replaced by scar tissue. Hair loss can affect the health of the scalp and even the whole body. Hair loss may be caused by heredity, hormone secretion, physical condition, and medication. Men, women, and children are likely to have problems with hair loss, but through treatment and changing lifestyle habits, hair loss problems will be alleviated. BAWANG Shampoo Factory will introduce you to several ways to alleviate hair loss.

1. Release the pressure. Excessive stress may cause different degrees of hair loss, so relax your mood. By meditation, walking, and doing yoga can relieve stress. You can also take notes to figure out the source of stress every day. Because the problem of hair loss caused by stress can be alleviated, once the pressure is removed, the hair may regenerate. The following types of hair loss are caused by excessive pressure:

Under heavy pressure, the hair follicle may enter a dormant period, causing hair loss during stationary periods. In just a few months, damaged hair will fall off when you comb or wash your hair.

People with plucking plaques can't suppress their impulses and pull their hair from the scalp, eyebrows and other body parts. Plucking is a way for some people to cope with stress, tension, loneliness, boredom, and frustration.

Stress can also lead to localized hair loss. Localized hair loss can cause the body's immune system to attack the hair follicles, leading to hair loss.

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2. Care for the hair. Don't comb your tight hairstyles, such as a comb, a bun, or a ponytail. Don't rub your hair or rub your hair. When shampooing, the action is gentle, using warm water instead of hot water. Don't use too much force when combing your hair. A comb with a large comb to prevent hair loss. Also try not to over-hair, avoid perm, curls or hot oil care.

3. Drink water. A quarter of the hair is made of water. Drink at least 8 cups of water per day with a cup of about 230 ml. Ample water is good for hair growth.

4. Add herbs to your diet. Sage can increase hair density and rosemary can promote hair growth. Both herbs can be used during cooking. Eat these herbs every week. Rosemary is best bought fresh, don't dry. A balanced diet can avoid hair loss.

You can also mix rosemary and almond oil and apply the mixture directly to the scalp of the hair loss.

It is best to use BAWANG Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, which can effectively prevent hair loss and achieve twice the result with half the effort.