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Bawang Hair Nourishing Moisturizing Essence

Jan. 14, 2019

It is Hair Nourishing Moisturizing Essence from the Chinese medicine family. and is a matching partner for Female Anti-hair Loss Shampoo. In addition, It contains Hair Restoring Moisturizing Essence, which can penetrate into the inner core of the hair, supplement the lost nutrients and moisture, and rejuvenate. The hair is effective to enhance the flexibility of the hair, making the hair healthy and strong, thick and full.

Bawang Hair Nourishing Moisturizing Essence, milky yellow texture, with a certain consistency, the taste is very fragrant, very good smell, after moisturizing with water, gently foaming is also very white, very rich. The fine foam is very smooth and easy to clean when cleaning. There is no sense of excitement. The hair is soft and smooth, which effectively enhances the flexibility of the hair.

Hair Nourishing Moisturizing Essence