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For the summer, what you must do!

Jun. 14, 2019

Summer is here, the girls are shouting: I want to be a lightning bolt! But excessive dieting is not advisable! If you blindly overeating for weight loss and lack of protein intake, it is easy to cause hair loss. At this time Daily Anti-Loss Shampoo is essential.

Summer is hot, people will not consciously prefer certain foods, there is no balanced diet. Hair growth requires zinc, iron, copper and other trace elements, in order to avoid hair loss caused by hair loss, a balanced diet is essential!

I believe that everyone does not like the sticky feeling of sweating in the summer, so as to resist the summer to exercise. However, a large amount of sweat is discharged after exercise, which helps to take away the sultry heat of the body and expel toxins. More importantly, proper exercise can prevent hair loss to a certain extent!

Natural Herbal Shampoo

What must I go to in the summer? seaside! What is the most important thing to do with high-intensity sun exposure at the seaside?

Sun protection! Exposure to sunlight for a long time can lighten the skin and cause skin aging. The skin is sunburned and even produces skin cancer. The proper amount of sun exposure is good for the body, but remember that the skin should not be exposed to the sun for long periods of time without sun protection.

Special reminder: once sunburned the scalp, it will also cause peeling and hair loss.

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