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Why Dieting Can Cause Hair Loss?

Mar. 25, 2019

As a company specializing in the production of Daily Anti-Loss Shampoo, BAWANG is here to answer the question of why dieting can lead to hair loss and how to avoid hair loss during weight loss.

Why Dieting Can Cause Hair Loss?

1. Lack of staple food

The energy required for life activities is primarily provided by carbohydrates, including the activities of hair follicle cells, which are the main source of carbohydrates.

2. Lack of protein

Slims actually need more protein, and hair is basically made up of protein. Because dieting significantly reduces protein intake, the body inhibits hair growth and may develop hair loss after a few months of dieting.

3. Excess vitamin A

Excessive vitamin A can also cause hair loss. Some dieters use health supplements or fortified foods, and vitamin A in different products may be excessive.

Anti-hair Loss Shampoo

How to avoid hair loss during weight loss?

1. Develop a reasonable rate of weight loss

The American Sports Commission points out that if you lose more than 2 pounds per week (about 1 kilogram), there is a risk of hair loss. A reasonable rate of weight loss means a proper reduction in dietary energy, rather than an extreme diet.

2. Diet needs to contain enough high quality protein

Nut seeds such as walnuts and pistachios are rich in protein and trace element minerals, and are the best therapeutic choice for hair that is devastated by dieting and weight loss.

3. Choose the right toiletries

If the hair is bad during weight loss, then you should change the shampoo!

BAWANG Anti-hair Loss Shampoo, supplemented by plants, added with 8 kinds of plant stocks to provide good nutrition for hair growth. It is able to raise hair and make hair darken. Natural plant extracts penetrate into the hair follicles, giving the newborn hair plenty of nutrients and more healthy hair!