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How To Choose The Shampoo That Suits You?

May. 17, 2019

As a Natural Herbal Shampoo Factory, BAWANG gave you a summary of the shampoo purchase strategy.

1.Hair loss

Long-term hair loss, hair breaks, shampoo easy to drop friends, should not choose: shampoo containing silicone oil, repairing nutritional shampoo. Because this type of shampoo contains silicone oil, the hair that is not good is even more detached. The best choice: neutral, silicone-free shampoo, this shampoo is less irritating, and the best natural ingredients.

2. Oily hair

Oily hair is estimated to be the most annoying of all hair types, and it is completely impossible to wash your hair for two days. Oily hair is actually mainly because the sebaceous glands secrete strong oil and the oil slowly penetrates into the scalp. Because the cognition of shampoo is not comprehensive, it is often wrong to choose a nourishing shampoo. The hair root is soaked in the oil of self-secreting oil and nourishing shampoo for a long time. The pores are easily sealed and the hair is washed more and more oil. It is also easy to cause hair loss problems, and some may even appear bald.

Recommended use: oil control, silicone-free shampoo; this type of shampoo is more alkaline, can neutralize the scalp is too acidic environment.

Herbal Repairing Shampoo

3. Dry hair

Dry hair is easy to knot, and it is especially easy to bring static electricity in winter. If you don't take care after washing, you will fry the hair. This type of hair is due to insufficient secretion of sebaceous glands, resulting in lack of oil in the scalp. Coupled with the use of often hot dyeing and inferior hair dryers, the hair scales are destroyed several degrees.

The best choice: mild, shampoo with a small amount of silicone oil. You must have heard some reports about the badness of silicone oil, but for dry hair, it needs the protection of silicone oil. With it, the hair can become more supple and shiny.

4. Damaged hair

This type of hair is the hair after hot dyeing, and the same as the above dry selection: deep clean, weak alkaline shampoo; best choice: repair, weak acid shampoo. For the same reason, it is best to use a shampoo with a slight silicone oil because it can repair the function of the scales.

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