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What Are the Causes of Female Hair Loss?

Sep. 17, 2019

Many women will suspect kidney deficiency if they develop hair loss. In fact, there are many reasons for hair loss in women. As a Chinese Herbal Shampoo Factory, BAWANG believes that there are 10 common causes of hair loss:

1. Postpartum qi and blood deficiency leads to hair loss is more common. This is caused by insufficient blood in the postpartum and decreased hormone levels. With pale, shortness of breath and fatigue.

2. Excessive staying up late, resulting in insufficient kidney. Often accompanied by chills and cold, cold hands and feet, frequent nocturia, these symptoms are related to insufficient kidney essence.

3. Lack of trace elements. For example, the lack of trace elements such as selenium, zinc, copper, iron, and vitamin E tends to cause hair loss.

4. Mental stress, insomnia, over-consideration, depletion of blood, can also cause hair loss.

5. Long-term excessive dieting and weight loss, resulting in insufficient protein intake, causing hair to dry off.

Female Anti-Loss Shampoo

Female Anti-Loss Shampoo

6. Endocrine disorders. For example, women who take birth control pills or menopause for a long time are prone to hair loss.

7. Frequently dyed hair, especially chemical hair dyes with strong irritating properties, easily damage hair and cause hair loss. In this case, you can use the BAWANG Hair Care Set to repair your hair.

8. Genetic factors. Some patients have a family history, and parents have hair loss, which may be passed on to future generations.

9. Autoimmune diseases. For example, lupus erythematosus can also cause hair loss, accompanied by facial erythema, fatigue and other symptoms.

10. Thyroid dysfunction, chronic liver disease, malnutrition, and other diseases can also cause different degrees of hair loss. In these cases, the primary disease should be treated before the treatment of hair loss.

For hair dry and yellow, you can eat some black foods rich in oil, such as black beans, black sesame seeds, walnuts, and kelp, seaweed, etc. These foods are rich in copper, iron, selenium, iodine, vitamin A and vitamin E. A variety of trace elements help keep your hair dark and dense. In addition, Female Anti-Loss Shampoo can be used to help alleviate hair loss in women.