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Caring for children, building dreams in the future | BAWANG Group enters the opening ceremony of Guangzhou Xinlei School

Sep. 06, 2018

In Guangzhou, there are many primary and secondary schools. However, Guangzhou Tianhe Xinlei School is very special. There are 1200 students in the whole school. Only 33 students are local students, and 1167 are children of migrant workers from all over the country.

With the rapid development of Guangzhou's economy, the demand for labor resources in Guangzhou has increased dramatically, so large-scale migrant workers have emerged. Along with the tide of migrant workers' family, the number of schools for migrant workers' children in Guangzhou has also grown by leaps and bounds. Many migrant workers have lower incomes and many families still live below the poverty line. The migrant workers' family, with a low level of material life, is difficult to provide a good environment for the healthy growth of children. The children of these migrant workers really need our care!

On September 3, 2018, the school day, BAWANG Group teamed up with the staff and service station of the village and the street to jointly organize the "Caring for Children and Building the Future" public welfare activities on caring for the children of migrant workers by BAWANG. On the first day of school, BAWANG Group prepared a gift for the teachers and students of the school. We hope that the students will learn in a happy way in the new school year and grow up healthy and happy! At the same time, BAWANG also pays tribute to the hard work of the teachers!

During the opening ceremony of Guangzhou Xinlei School, BAWANG donated 238,764 yuan of materials to Xinlei School. The employees of BAWANG came to various classrooms to present the blessing gifts for the students to the school. The students sat upright and looked forward to the school package from BAWANG!

Through this charity event, BAWANG not only brought life toiletries to the students, but also made the students of Xinlei School feel the care of the company! We believe that in the future, the students will carry this grateful heart and continue the future. BAWANG will continue to actively connect with the society and the community, so that more public welfare activities will take root in the society. BAWANG will continue to play its brand advantage and generate new public welfare forces to continue the love and warm the whole society!