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Caring For Children With The Bawang Group

Jan. 16, 2019

Everyday, we can see children who laugh and laugh. Their children’s words, childlikeness, cuteness, naughty and carefree life are deeply attracted to us. Children are the future and hope of the motherland, and the healthy growth of children has received attention and attention from all walks of life. We should let children feel the care of society, physical and mental health, and happy growth.

On September 21, 2018, Bawang Group teamed up with the staff and service station of the village and the street to jointly hold the "Love the Children, Have You Have Me" care for the children's Mid-Autumn Festival charity activities. Bawang Group has prepared a BAWANG Hair Care Set for the children of Guangzhou Tianhe District Children's Welfare Association Kindergarten and Dijingyuan Kindergarten, wishing the motherland's small flowers happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

BAWANG Hair Care Set

When the Bawang Group employees came to the 2 kindergartens with the Anti-Hair Loss Hair Care Set , the children cheered and joyful. They happily lined up in the playground to receive the spree from the Bawang Group. Then, the Bawang Group employees came to the classrooms to present the children with the prepared Mid-Autumn Festival blessing gifts. The children are sitting upright and looking forward to their Mid-Autumn Festival Hair Follicle Nourishing Hair Care Set !

Through this charity event, Bawang Group not only brought the children's toiletries to the children, but also made the children of the two kindergartens feel the care and care of the company! I hope that in the near future, children can grow up healthily and happily!

Anti-Hair Loss Hair Care Set

Children and young people are the future of the motherland and the hope of the family. The Bawang Group uses care to create a warm and growing atmosphere for children, so that children can receive our care and care! In the future, Bawang Group will continue to pay attention to social welfare, sow the seeds of love, spread the warm sunshine, and contribute to the society!

BAWANG Hair Care Set