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Can the scalp also "apply a mask"?

Oct. 25, 2019

       As an Anti-Hair Loss Solution Supplier, today we have to be bold and tell you an unpleasant topic.

  This unpleasant topic is how do bald girls save the hairline?

  (Young boys don't worry, I know you also need to save the hairline)

  The hairline moves backward and the "cat ears" appear, which is the pain of every bald star!

  Today, let’s take a look around with us, bald girls.

  How to save the hairline and eliminate the "cat ears"

  First of all, the first thing that people think of is to cut the bangs. The most common practice for bald girls is to cut the bangs.

  Covering yourself with bangs, the big forehead moved back from the hairline, the bald girl is really humble!

  Of course, there are even more powerful bald girls who have created a bunch of "makeup to save the hairline method"!

  Make-up saves the hairline method, that is, the bald girls have created their own

  1. Bronze level wants to cover the law

  2. Gold level deceit

  3. Wang class fish eye mixing method

  Are you very embarrassed to see these "laws"? In fact, we are also very embarrassed, these "methods" is probably to draw the starting line, cover up the "cat ears" of various makeup techniques. However, this way of deceiving theft has deceived others and still can't deceive themselves. The bald girl goes home to remove makeup, and the hairline will still get higher. Bald girls are really too difficult! In order to eliminate the "cat ears", create a full hairline. Really make the effort to drink milk tea. It’s so hard to see bald girls. (Yong boys are also difficult, we also know) So! We launched Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, so you don't have to worry about your hairline anymore.

Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

  At the same time, in addition to the hairline problem, I have a soft and smooth hair, and I have a halo on my appearance. I can't help but admire others. We dye our hair and make hairstyles every day. Isn't it a good-looking hair to increase value?

  However, every time the hot dyeing blows, every time the fire stays up late, it will cause the hair to face problems such as hair loss, hairline movement, greasy split, dry edema, and dandruff.

  We spend a lot of money on nursing hair with expensive toiletries, hair masks, hair masks, sprays, etc. But why does hair look unhealthy after a few days of light?

  The crux of the problem is that we have been focusing all our energy on the hair! But in fact, the "scalp" that best determines the quality of hair is not getting the necessary attention. According to the research report, the importance of scalp care is better than 6 times. The scalp is the source that really determines the health of your hair. When it comes to what is better for hair, my first thought is ginger. A common saying in the folks is to wipe the scalp with ginger to make the hair grow healthier. A more objective and credible statement is that some of the substances contained in ginger can stimulate the capillaries under the scalp and promote blood circulation so that the hair follicles can get more nutrients. Our Hair Growth Shampoo is rich in ginger material and is available upon request.