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Can Hard Water Cause Hair Loss?

Apr. 16, 2019

European and American countries have a long history of industrial development. The water pipelines have chosen metal materials in order to ensure safety and durability. This will inevitably lead to the dissolution of heavy metals in the water. In order to make the heavy metal content in the water too low, it is necessary to ensure the inner wall of the water pipe. There is a layer of calcium carbonate deposits, which results in excellent water quality.

When washing the head with hard water, the sediment will adhere to the hair and scalp with the shampoo, causing the hair to be dry, easy to break, and easy to split; the scale attached to the scalp will clog the pores, causing itching and dandruff. And other symptoms, which in turn trigger folliculitis, causing hair loss.

Generally speaking, hard water is weakly alkaline. The weakly alkaline water plus weak alkaline shampoo will open the scales, and the insoluble substances will enter the gaps of the scales, which will aggravate the dryness and breakage of the hair. Heavy metals are difficult to wash off, causing heavy metal accumulation in the pores, damaging pore growth and causing hair loss.

How to relieve hair problems caused by hard water? As a Hair Growth Shampoo Manufacturer, BAWANG has the following recommendations.

1. Install a water purifier. The ultrafiltration membrane in the water purifier can filter out the macromolecular substances and bacteria in the water to a considerable extent, and it is best to wash the hair and bathe.

2. Clean the water heater regularly. Due to the high hardness of the water, scale will adhere to the inner wall of the electric water heater, which affects the efficiency of boiling water on the one hand, and the scale will adhere to the hair along with the water flow.

3. Use Anti-Loss Conditioning Shampoo. Prevention is better than cure. The use of natural ingredients to prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, keep hair follicles healthy, can effectively prevent hair loss.

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