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Bawang Shampoo Won The China Power - Consumer Trust Brand Award

Feb. 12, 2019

On December 14, 2016, “Ingenuity” was selected as one of the top ten buzzwords in 2016 with great industry influence, and this was also called by Premier Li Keqiang at the 2nd China Quality Awards Conference in March this year, “ All walks of life must carry forward the spirit of artisans and create more well-known brands that consumers are satisfied with. In recent years, many “Made in China” brands have become more and more popular among consumers with their excellent quality and scientific research strength. Huawei, Gree and Overlord When local brands stand out, they break the embarrassing situation of “no brand” in China's manufacturing industry, and all of this comes from the pride of “ingenuity” in the bottom of my heart.

Bawang Group has always been branded with “ingenuity”. Starting from the rising consumer demand of consumers, through the technological innovation and quality assurance, the development of Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo with market competitiveness has won the favor of many consumers.

Bawang Shampoo Won The China Power - Consumer Trust Brand Award

At the beginning of 2017, Bawang Shampoo won the "China Power" annual award announced by the "Information Times": 2016 China Consumer Industry "Consumer Trust Brand Award"

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