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Bawang Shampoo Won 90% Of The Tester Favorite

Feb. 16, 2019

Product quality issues have always been the topic of most concern to consumers. During the period of March 15th, “Information Times•Business Weekly” specially planned and organized a series of product trial activities, collecting consumption from sample, telephone interview, questionnaire report recycling, etc. Feedback. Among them, 500 cases of Bawang Shampoo were sent, and 437 feedbacks were returned. The satisfaction rate was as high as 90%, which caused the attention of consumers, and the feedback on prevention of hair loss and hair quality was released. In fact, Bawang Group has many years of Chinese herbal medicine family experience, and is the leader of domestic Chinese Herbal Shampoo. Bawang International Industrial Park has passed the third GMPC and ISO22716 review, and has strict quality control. The acceptance project for the development of Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo has also been well received by the domestic expert group.

Bawang Shampoo Won 90% Of The Tester Favorite

During the period of March 15th, "Information Times" and Bawang Group launched a product trial activity, and sent 500 Bawang Hair Blackening Shampoo. The trial period was one month. As of March 30, a total of 437 was recovered. A consumer trial report form, 394 consumers said they were satisfied with the shampoo, satisfaction was as high as 90%, of which 52% said that after shampooing is more supple, the amount of foam is moderate; 39% of consumers It means that for a month's trial, hair loss has been improved, and 2% of consumers said that the shampoo has a strong taste and is slightly dry after use; and 1% of consumers said that the hair is It takes time to see the black.

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