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BAWANG Nourishes Shampoo To Make Hair Soft And Fresh!

May. 09, 2019

Hair damage can cause insufficient nutrient absorption, and the key to repairing hair is to repair the damage. As a Hair Growth Shampoo Manufacturer, BAWANG's new upgraded nourishing hair shampoo essence can improve the channels of nutrients and absorption of scalp hair, and nourish the scalp hair and nutrients to achieve nourishing and tough effect.

Hair Nourishing TCM Shampoo

Hair Nourishing TCM Shampoo from BAWANG, a Chinese medicine family, for dry, split, hot dyed, fragile and damaged hair, a selection of precious Chinese herbal medicines, a nourishing and repairing pure gold solution, and three excellent repairing ingredients. The outer scalp hair is replenished with nutrients, and it is infused with strong nourishing nutrition until the hair is flexible and elastic! Hair Nourishing TCM Shampoo has the following effects:

1. Repair damage. Repair and improve the nutrient absorption channel.

2. Nourishing and solidifying. Chinese herbal nourishing ingredients, infused with strong and nourishing nutrition.

3. The scalp to the tip of the tough repair. The hair is lifted to be flexible and flexible.