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BAWANG Transparent Factory: Make International Quality Visible!

Jul. 12, 2019

As a global company focused on the Chinese herbal medicine industry, Bawang Chinese Herbal Shampoo Factory has always regarded product quality as its corporate life. In recent years, the public's requirements for product quality have been increasing, and in the face of the "high requirements" of consumers, Bawang believes that product quality directly reflects brand integrity and value, not only relying on the ten-day focus of faith but also the need for sunshine. Supervision can thrive. Transparent production process

Bawang Chinese Herbal Shampoo Factory

Bawang Industrial Park was completed in 2012, covering an area of 325 acres, with a total construction area of 270,000 square meters, a total investment of about 800 million yuan, and an annual output of 20 million boxes. Before the completion of Bawang Industrial Park, Ms. Wan Yuhua, CEO of Bawang Group, led the team to the domestic shampoo daily chemical companies, and visited the international advanced production line suppliers such as the United States, Japan, Germany, etc., and finally selected the German Bosch Group ( BOSH)'s filling line and Japan's Miho's production line have built the most advanced fully automated Chinese herbal medicine daily production line.

In addition, the walls of the entire production hall are fitted with transparent and visible sealing glass. Through these sealed glass curtain walls, the production processes of product weighing, batching, desiccant placement, tableting, filling, coding, packaging, etc. are all transparent.

Bawang Chinese Herbal Shampoo Factory

Clean and hygienic

The hygiene standards of Bawang Industrial Park have reached the level of 100,000 GMP, that is, there are less than 100,000 dust particles in a space of one foot, and even less than 100 in some places. Such high standards are at the leading level in the field of daily chemicals and have reached the standards of pharmaceuticals. It can be said that pharmaceutical standards are used to produce shampoos and skin care products.

The production workshop of the industrial park is divided into two parts: the production area and the clean area. Entry into the clean area requires secondary disinfection, and the air entering it passes through a three-layer filter. The staff in the clean area are fully armed and exposed only to the eyes, and all operations must be worn with gloves to maximize the isolation of bacterial particles from the clean area.

In addition to strict control of hygiene in all aspects of the industrial park, the sewage in the production process is also "not soft." After the treatment, the sewage in the industrial park area can reach the zero-level discharge standard, and “the last discharged wastewater can be watered.”

Transparent social supervision

Since the launch of the Bawang Group Transparent Factory Project, a number of “guests” have been invited to visit, including student representatives from the Hong Kong University’s Mingde College and Guangdong Business School, and “Taiwan Daily News”, “Public News”, “Today’s Post” "8 famous Thai media representatives and domestic mainstream media representatives will open the production process of Bawang Group to the outside world, and good quality will witness each other!"