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Chinese Medicine Dandruff Charm, BAWANG Lights up the New Fashion

Jul. 22, 2019

In the shampoo market, dandruff has always been the highlight of major brands. With the rise of concepts such as green consumption and natural health, Chinese herbal medicine products are increasingly favored by people.

It is understood that since the listing of the shampoo from the Chinese medicine family Bawang Group, BAWANG Shampoo has been favored by the majority of young consumers by virtue of its advantages in dandruff and itching. It has become the first concentrated medicine in China. Shampoo products with Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine have made up for the blank of the domestic Chinese medicine dandruff market and created a new revolution in Chinese hair care and hair care. The newly upgraded shampoo uses the international top spice formula to extract fresh Chinese herbal extracts. It is more natural and fresher and has unlimited freedom. It has become the new favorite of urban white-collar hair care.

Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Bawang Group targets the anti-dandruff market with a professional anti-dandruff brand. At the same time, the core and endorsement of this brand is also the “Chinese medicine culture”. According to industry insiders, in the existing market of Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, this concentrated single Chinese medicine anti-dandruff appeal and brand features will bring the strongest market momentum.