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BAWANG Brand, the Future can be Expected!

Sep. 11, 2019

Over the years, BAWANG has been deeply cultivating in the Chinese herbal medicine culture. It is committed to promoting Chinese herbal medicine culture and is committed to providing consumers with more high-quality natural Chinese herbal medicine daily products, which are deeply loved by consumers.

Do not forget the initial heart, innovation, and vitality

Known as Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, BAWANG is deeply rooted in the black hair of Shouwu. BAWANG Shampoo has won numerous national patents. Up to now, we have been continuously researching the most natural botanical ingredients in Chinese herbal medicines, blending them with high-tech technology, and innovating formulas to provide consumers with the best quality Chinese herbal medicine products to protect their health.

BAWANG Shampoo

BAWANG Shampoo

Old brand, always young

This year, BAWANG has gone through 30 years. For a brand, the wind and rain that has passed 30 years are really not young. But on the road of brand development, we continue to extend the brand's reach and develop its potential.

BAWANG charity, humane care has been on the road

The BAWANG brand has always been well aware that brand development is inseparable from the support of the people, and social responsibility is an important part of enterprise development. BAWANG charity line has been on the road.

Caring for the growth of migrant workers, donation of drug rehabilitation and rehabilitation personnel, donation of special care recipients and other public welfare activities have all received positive social repercussions.

BAWANG Brand, the Future can be Expected!

BAWANG brand, the future can be expected!