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Bawang Female Anti-hair Loss Shampoo

Jan. 02, 2019

Due to the fast pace of life, irregular life, frequent overtime and staying up late, sleep is not good, it is inevitable to cause hair loss, loss of discovery. The Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo from the Chinese medicine family Bawang, especially for women's hair loss and hair loss characteristics, contains a natural mild anti-desorption compound liquid, can stimulate the scalp vitality, inject the necessary nutrients for hair growth, thus helping to reduce hair loss Hair loss, make hair healthy and strong, thick and full.

Bawang's Female Anti-hair Loss Shampoo contains a mild anti-offset compound liquid, which is necessary for the hair to infuse growth and restore healthy and strong hair.

Put the shampoo into the water, stir it, foam faster, foam is rich, the upper layer is too large, but the lower layer is ideal. The foam feels delicate and elastic, and the foaming ability is OK.

Although the Anti-hair Loss Shampoo is anti-off shampoo, the drug composition is very heavy, but its pH value is close to 5.5, the nature is mild, it can effectively balance the normal pH value of the scalp, protect the hair follicle, nourish the hair root, strengthen the solid hair prevention. effect.

The foam is very delicate, which means that the cleaning ability is also very good. Apply it to the hair, gently rub it, and massage the scalp with two fingers. This can promote the blood circulation of the head, relieve the body and mind, relieve stress, and treat hair loss. effect.

Female Anti-hair Loss Shampoo