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BAWANG Female Anti-hair Loss Shampoo Makes Beautiful Blooms

May. 31, 2019

The work pressure is constantly increasing, staying up late, and the problem of hair loss that is not commensurate with age is getting worse. Female friends who are already in the stage of mild hair loss should study professional anti-off washing. It is derived from BAWANG Female Anti-hair Loss Shampoo, which is specially designed for women's hair loss and hair loss characteristics. It contains natural mild anti-desorption compound liquid to stimulate the scalp vitality, and to inject the necessary nutrients for hair growth, thus helping to reduce hair loss and loss. Hair, make hair healthy and strong, thick and full.

Condensed natural, mild anti-desorption compound liquid, drip essence, contains three anti-off care ingredients:

1: Angelica, Ginkgo biloba: stimulates scalp and hair roots

2: Polygonum multiflorum: continuous infusion of hair loss nutrition

3: Peppermint: relieve stress

Female Anti-hair Loss Shampoo