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Bawang Company Hong Kong Listed Is Popular 2

Dec. 22, 2018

The trademark of “Overlord” was registered as early as 13 years ago. At the beginning, the original accumulation of beer shampoo was completed. After the production of Fallopia

and Saponin Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, the status of the river and lake was established by the “Overlord” shampoo. The shampoo outer packaging is Chen Qiyuan's own picture, which is a very traditional "China" way.

  A certain chemical company in Guangzhou is one of Bawang's fragrance suppliers. A person in charge of the company told reporters: "If the most unique thing about the success of Bawang is the success of marketing techniques."

 The footnote of this "success" is that the miracle of an average growth rate of more than 160% in the past four years has far exceeded the average growth rate of 15% of the industry, and the market share of Daily Anti-Loss Shampoo has also climbed from 0.7% in 2005 to 7.6% in 2008.

 For Chen Qiyuan and his wife, who are used to things, this may mean greater pressure. Chen Qiyuan is still used to practicing calligraphy in the office. "We are working hard to do better." Wan Yuhua said.

Diversification of marketing techniques is only a form of expression, and the integration of various factors in all aspects of the business operation process is the source of success. From a vertical perspective, Bawang is a typical sample of the transition from “small business” to “enterprise group”. This type of Chinese company is often constantly changing its management system and needs to properly handle its relationship with the local government; Chen Qiyuan and his wife are no exception. The listing of Bawang Shampoo is also inevitable.

Diversification of methods is only a form of marketing expression. Then this form or the arrogance of the overlord is the integration of procurement, production, research and development, management, promotion, market, etc., plus the positioning of the Chinese herbal Shampoo. The promotion of the brand spared no effort, which enabled the overlord to expand rapidly and become a first-line brand.

    In fact, the research and development of Bawang has always paid more attention to it. The R&D team is a professional with considerable experience in the application of Chinese herbal medicine. The president personally manages and develops new products.

  In the July 29 interview, the reporter saw that the share price of Bawang rushed out of the new high of 3.51 Hong Kong dollars after the listing. The performance of Bawang is still refreshing.

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