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Bawang Company Hong Kong Listed Is Popular 1

Dec. 20, 2018

Since July, the Bawang Group, controlled by Chen Qiyuan and Wan Yuhua, has been popular after being listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 3. Chinese Herbal Shampoo is also popular.

 Surprisingly, when Chen and Wan’s net worth soared to more than 6 billion yuan to become the richest man in the toiletries, people are even more incredible about the development path of “Overlord” – a brand that was not familiar to a few years ago, how to stay overnight Among the ranks of the daily line of brands? How does Bawang Shampoo become the preferred daily chemical product?

 After the listing, Bawang paid more and more attention to marketing. If Guangdong is an important concentration of daily chemical, then Bawang is one of the typical samples of the manufacturing industry in the Pearl River Delta. Guangzhou Baiyun District, where the company is located, has gathered more than 600 daily chemical companies including Haodi. The total number of Japanese chemical companies in Guangdong is more than 3,000, accounting for 70% of the national chemical industry. “The market is very recognized for our products,” said Wan Yuhua, president of Overlord. In fact, she understands very well that in addition to the characteristics of the product "Chinese medicine", the quality of the product is the key to the final recognition of the consumer. Natural Herbal Shampoo become the product of choice first. In the early years, Bawang’s advertising promotion expenses were rising. The number of employees of Bawang increased by 8 times from 2006 to 2007. The vast majority of the increase was for promoters; the performing stars who have cooperated with or are working together include Li Jiaxin, Jackie Chan and Faye Wong. In the later period, Bawang is a combination of various methods, considering all aspects of products, markets and brand building, and constantly innovating and developing. If you are interested in our Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, call us at any time.

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