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Do You Know Bawang Chinese Herbal Shampoo?

Dec. 28, 2018

Bawang Chinese Herbal Shampoo, in 1928, the "Chinese medicine family" 16th generation Chen Xing headed the establishment of a small hand workshop secret beauty, Wufa, hair care supplies. In 1989, Mr. Chen Qiyuan, the 19th-generation descendant of "Chinese Medicine Family", established "Guangzhou Bawang Cosmetics Co., Ltd.". Using Chinese herbal medicine as the main raw material, using the combination of ancestral secret recipes and modern science and technology, we have continuously developed and developed a series of Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo and protection products that are deeply loved by Chinese people, and quickly developed into one of the most well-known daily chemical companies in China.

According to the relevant person in charge, Bawang Group will continue to enhance the core competitiveness of the brand by combining traditional Chinese medicine culture, increasing scientific and technological research and development and independent innovation methods in order to achieve the strategic goal of the leading brand of Chinese medicine daily. At present, the 325-mu production base is under intense planning, and it will become China's largest research and development, production and popular science base for Herbal Repairing Shampoo. In order to accelerate the pace of industrialization of Chinese medicine, Bawang is actively cooperating with well-known institutions and scientific research institutions; further developing a series of daily cosmetics such as raising hair and nourishing beauty, and perfecting the series of Chinese medicine daily chemicals. The goal of Bawang is very clear, that is, to make the brand bigger and stronger, and to establish a banner for the national brand of Chinese medicine.

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