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Bawang Chinese Herbal Shampoo Product Seminar Was Successfully Held 2

Dec. 17, 2018

Wan Yuhua, president of Bawang International, said that as one of the benchmarking companies for Chinese medicine, Bawang International Group has been adhering to the essence of traditional Chinese medicine culture, and is constantly providing consumers with high-quality Chinese herbal medicine fast-moving consumer goods while focusing on improving Chinese medicine extraction technology. And the scientific and technological content of products to achieve the goal of industrialization and internationalization of traditional Chinese herbal medicines. This year, the research and development center of the company has taken a new step in research and development. Its ultra-fine pulverization combined with enzymatic breaking technology has obtained provincial-level appraisal of the active ingredient extraction process of functional Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo , reaching the international leading level. Experts also made a detailed understanding of the Chinese medicine extraction technology and application pioneered by Bawang, and expressed a high degree of praise. At the same time, experts have put forward some new ideas and application theories based on their many years of experience.

President Wan Yuhua said that further development of Chinese herbal medicine development technology and speeding up the modernization of Chinese herbal medicine is an important responsibility for Bawang to promote the dailyization of traditional Chinese medicine, and it is also one of the future development directions. Bawang International Research Center will continue to modernize Chinese herbal medicines in conjunction with the technology accumulation of the Chinese Medicine Association, and strive to become a model and standard for the industry, to build a first-class, internationally leading demonstration base for natural Chinese herbal medicine extraction technology, and to promote Chinese medicine. Culture, and promote the development and improvement of Chinese Herbal Shampoo and continuous efforts.

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