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Bawang Chinese Herbal Shampoo Product Seminar Was Successfully Held 1

Dec. 14, 2018

Recently, Bawang International Group, together with experts from the Chinese Medicine Association, held a seminar in Guangzhou on the theme of “Strengthening the Research and Development of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Promoting the Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry”. Among the invited guests were Cao Zhengxuan, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Medicine Association, director Cui Jianchao, senior Chinese medicine professor Gao Xuemin, preparation expert Du Shouying, and skin specialist Chen Yong.

Chinese herbal medicine is a treasure of the Chinese nation. In recent years, Chinese herbal medicine products have become very popular. The state has also listed the Chinese medicine industry as a major strategic industry for development, and encouraged and supported traditional Chinese herbal medicine development projects from policies and funds, and improved the structure of traditional Chinese medicine products to promote the advancement of the traditional Chinese medicine industry to the modern Chinese medicine industry. Judging from the current trend of the development of Chinese medicine industry, the Chinese herbal medicine Anti-Hair Loss Hair Care Set products have a large market space. The expansion and development of the field of Chinese medicine in daily life is also one of the important development trends. Therefore, for domestic enterprises producing Chinese grass products, only by advancing the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine through technological advancement and technological innovation, and enhancing market competitiveness, can we adapt to the broader market demand.

Experts from the Chinese Medicine Association pointed out that the series of hair-raising products of Bawang Chinese Herbal Shampoo can become a fashion fashion because it meets people's higher demand for healthy living. Professor Gao Xuemin mentioned that Bawang shampoo can continue to sell well in recent years and is favored by consumers. It mainly follows the mechanism of modern Chinese herbal medicine in the research and development of ideas and methods, and incorporates advanced technology and theory. The rise of BAWANG Shampoo has driven the development of the Chinese medicine daily chemical industry. More and more enterprises are participating in the market of traditional Chinese medicine, which not only effectively promotes the scale, intensification and standardization of Chinese herbal medicine products, but also actively Promoted the development of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine.

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