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What Bad Habits can Lead to Hair Loss?

Aug. 21, 2019

Poor living habits can also lead to hair loss. As a Hair Oil Control Shampoo Supplier, let's talk to you about which bad habits can lead to hair loss.

1. Hair is too tight or combing hair backward

This reason has something to do with women. The hair is too tight or combed into a ponytail. As long as the hair is tightened for a long time, the hair will gradually fall off, especially at the hairline.

2. Anemia

Due to the pressure of life, people who lose weight extremely poorly, resulting in iron deficiency anemia. Red is to transport oxygen to other cells in the body to maintain the normal function of other cells. If red blood cells are deficient, the function of the cells will be disordered, causing severe anemia in the body and leading to hair loss. We can alleviate this distraction by using Female Anti-Loss Shampoo as an aid.

Female Anti-Loss Shampoo

Female Anti-Loss Shampoo

3. Excessive pressure

Severe mental stress can affect the body to varying degrees, and hair loss is one of them. Due to excessive mental stress, the level of the body is disordered, and the nutrients supplied to the hair are not well fed up, leading to hair loss.

4. Pulling hair

This is a compulsive mental disorder that always habitually pulls hair from the hair or other parts of the body. Most of the hair is pulled out, and the hair is pulled out for a long time, causing damage to the scalp, and regional hair loss occurs.

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