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The Ancestral Secret Recipe Combines Modern Technology to Create BAWANG Shampoo

Jun. 25, 2019

As a representative enterprise of Chinese herbal shampoo, Bawang has been fighting the market with Herbal ANTI-HAIR FALL Shampoo and has achieved a good market. It is also the leader of domestic shampoo. Around the Chinese herbal medicine fast-moving consumer goods, Bawang Group has developed into a global group enterprise involving high-tech biotechnology, Chinese herbal medicine cultivation, research and development, production, sales and international trade of Chinese herbal medicine fast-moving consumer goods. At present, the Group's business in China is mainly operated by Bawang (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Bawang (China) Beverage Co., Ltd. and Bawang (China) Chinese Herbal Medicine Co., Ltd., and its overseas business is mainly controlled by Bawang International Group (Hong Kong) Limited. The company and Hong Kong Bawang International Trading Co., Ltd. are responsible for the operation. At present, it has well-known brands such as Bawang, Zhuifeng, Litao, Bencaotang and Bawang Herbal Tea. The product line covers shampoo, skin care products, herbal health drinks, etc. The marketing channels cover the whole of mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and so on.

Anti-Hair Loss Hair Care Set

BAWANG Natural Herbal Shampoo, whose formula is derived from four secret recipes for the Guangdong Lingnan Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultural Heritage Protection List. According to reports, the application of these four formulas has been developed and solved for many years, from the compatibility of prescriptions to the extraction of active ingredients from Chinese herbal medicines, to the proportion of addition, etc., which has solved one problem after another, is an ancestral secret recipe and modern biotechnology. The combination of products, the amount of gold in science and technology is not ordinary.

For the hair, from ancient times to the present, the Chinese people admire a black and thick hair, BAWANG is a healthy hair that is brought to the ancestors of the ancestors, "black and fresh, black and thick". For different groups of people; at the same time, Anti-Hair Loss Hair Care Set is also a combination of modern people's living habits, nursed the scalp environment and maintains the scalp to prevent premature There is a phenomenon of detachment, and it combines the hair growth side, which is also helpful for hair growth.