• Hair Raising Shampoo

Hair Raising Shampoo

The number of online sales reached 33,016 bottles* on November 11th, 2017. BAWANG Star Products


Product Description

Target group: People with hair loss caused by excessive hair oils in the early and middle stage

Usage: Shampoo the hair, and then wait until the scalp becomes completely dry. Apply this product evenly on the hair loss part, and massage the part properly to promote absorption. The frequency is 1-2 times every day.

Product efficacy:

This product takes the extracts of various plants such as platycladus orientalis leaves, fallopia multiflora, fresh ginger and paulownia leaves as stock solution, uses dynamic circulative extraction and concentration technology patented by BAWANG Group to make the stock solution highly concentrated, and meanwhile retains the activity of plant raw materials to the utmost extent. Dry the hair, and then directly apply this product on the scalp. It can directly nourish hair roots and hair follicles, balance the water and oil of the scalp, improve growing environment of the hair, and help gradually return to dark and thick hair.

*The data was from Taobao.com on November 11th, 2017