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Student hair loss so serious, BAWANG help you!

Dec. 18, 2019

In December, The exam month is coming! College students are beginning to hold their feet

Try to prepare for the exam! As a BAWANG Shampoo Manufacturer, share some information about hair.

While college students scratch their heads for the exams, they also persuaded everyone not to choose their majors!

Because hair is getting less and less.

Simply sorted it out, the voices of several major cold students! By the way with demand for overlord shampoo

Students in these majors can stock up on BAWANG shampoo as needed!

1. Medical specialty

BAWANG shampoo demand per semester: 6 bottles

Medical student 1:

Learn medicine! There is nothing wrong with studying medicine, but my head is a bit cold!

Medical Student 2:

I did n’t believe it before, I had to study medicine, but one year later, my hairline moved two centimeters!

Healers don't self-medicate!

Rescue the hair loss,

The majority of medical students will give it to BAWANG!

BAWANG will help you guard the hairline!

Computer Science

The requirement of Overlord Shampoo per semester: 6 bottles

Computer Student 1:

My hair is running out! A year ago I still had thick hair

Computer Student 2:

The hair is on the keyboard, the hair is on the book, it is not on your own head!

You know,

Programmer working now,

It ’s not just plaids that accompany them,

And overlord shampoo!

BAWANG also specially produced a set of program apes!

Computer majors who are still studying,

Overlord shampoo, use it now!


Overlord shampoo requirements per semester: 5 bottles

Architecture students:

Stay up late every day to draw pictures, the amount of hair is half before the school. And now they are starting to drop their eyebrows?

Stay up late every day,

Draw pictures every day,

Hair loss every day,

Endless painting

Hair falls out!

Architecture students,

5 bottles of Overlord Shampoo per semester,

I hope you can make good arrangements!

Everything is for hair!

BAWANG Hair Care Set

BAWANG Hair Care Set

4. Design major

Number of Professional Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo required per semester: 5 bottles

Design students:

Learn design, you don't want to go to bed early ~ closer to hair loss ~ closer

Colorful black?

Dazzling white?

This is the rhythm of a bald night for designers!

Designer BAWANG Hair Care Set,

Just to save the designer!

Caring for designers, everyone has a responsibility!

5. Accounting

Overlord shampoo requirements per semester: 4 bottles

Accounting Student 1:

Accounting, a professional that not only makes you lose hair, but also gray hair!

Accounting Student 2:

Let me just say that all the CPA lecturers are bald, or all are on the road!

When studying accounting

Either on the exam or on the way!

After working, I'm afraid I will hear a sentence

"Well, why is there a hair loss here?"

The worst thing is

One hair less on the account and a lot less hair on the head!