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What good habits should men develop to prevent hair loss?

Nov. 09, 2019

With the acceleration of the social rhythm and the increase in the pressure of life, more and more men with bald hair loss, men's hair loss has become a social phenomenon. As an Anti-hair Loss Solution Supplier, what good habits do men need to develop in daily life to prevent hair loss?

1. Stay away from tobacco

Smoking has been recognized as one of the risk factors for male hair loss. High-risk male hair loss families should take care to keep their children away from tobacco.

2. Avoid exposure

Ultraviolet rays in sunlight can cause hair damage and make the hair dry and yellow. Therefore, men should avoid sun exposure in summer and pay attention to protective work when swimming and sunbathing outdoors.

3. Avoid wearing a hat for a long time

Wearing hats and helmets for a long time is prone to suffocating the hair, especially if the hairline is pressed by the hats or helmets, which may easily cause pores to relax and cause hair loss. Therefore, it should not be too long to wear hats and helmets.

4. A reasonable diet

Men at high risk for hair loss should stay away from foods that are too greasy, sweet, and spicy, increase the proportion of cereals, vegetables, and fruits in the diet, eat more iron and calcium-rich foods such as black beans, black sesame, and eggs, and increase the tonic effect Food such as milk, lean meat, poultry and fish.

BAWANG Shampoo

 BAWANG Shampoo

5. Moderate shampooing

Some men like shampooing every day. In fact, shampooing too much or too little is not good. The more suitable time is two to three times a week. Gently massage the scalp when washing with BAWANG Shampoo. Blood circulation; After shampooing, it is best to allow the hair to air dry naturally. If using a hairdryer, pay attention to the temperature of the wind should not be too high.

6. Relax

Younger hair loss in men is inseparable from stress and lack of sleep. Stress, long-term tension, anxiety, and fatigue can lead to poor sleep quality and thus increase hair loss. Relaxing your mind can improve sleep quality and help improve hair loss.

7. Avoid long-term Internet access

Excessive online games are also one of the factors that cause young men to lose their hair. Men who spend more time on the computer each day are more likely to lose hair. Because of playing games on the Internet for a long time, the central nervous system is always in a tense state, which can cause autonomic disorders, dysfunction of skin vasoconstriction, local scalp vasoconstriction, reduced blood supply, and hair follicle malnutrition and hair loss.

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