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Autumn, is your hair still okay?

Nov. 01, 2019

  Autumn is the season of harvest, which brings joy to people's harvest. But autumn, it is not very friendly to our hair. A burst of autumn wind may have taken a few hairs, I don't know if you have found it. In the fall, the hair is particularly prone to dryness, hairy hair, and more hair loss. Then as an Anti-detoxification Hair Cream Factory, share some information with you.

Anti-detoxification Hair Cream Factory

  This is because entering the autumn, the weather is dry, the wind is easy to take away the moisture in the hair; the temperature is reduced, the scalp vasoconstriction, the nutrient supply of the hair is reduced, the sebum secretion is also reduced, and the hair is easy to dry, ran, crisp, and off. Hair will be more serious than before. So how to protect fragile hair in the fall? Hair is so fragile in the fall because the hair lacks moisture and lacks nutrition. Witmates, remember to hydrate your hair in the fall makeup nutrition.

  Add moisture to your hair, supplement your nutrition,

  Our company is very good at it. We do natural hair care without adding chemical elements. Most of our products are Natural Herbal shampoo. Recently introduced some new products.

Autumn, is your hair still okay

  For example, Anti-Hair Loss Cream adds three major plant extracts, olives, ginseng, and aloe vera, with natural energy and elegant hair.

  The olive essence is rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and trace elements. It supplements the hair with nutrients, moisture, protects the hair, smoothes the buttercups, and says it is good.

  There are some additional points of knowledge that need to be added to everyone. We spend a lot of money on nursing hair with expensive toiletries, hair masks, hair masks, sprays, etc. But why does hair look unhealthy after a few days of light?

Anti-detoxification Hair Cream

  The crux of the problem is that we have been focusing all our energy on the hair! But in fact, the "scalp" that best determines the quality of hair is not getting the necessary attention. According to the research report, the importance of scalp care is better than 6 times. The scalp is the source that really determines the health of your hair. When it comes to what is better for hair, my first thought is ginger. A common saying in the folks is to wipe the scalp with ginger to make the hair grow healthier. A more objective and credible statement is that some of the substances contained in ginger can stimulate the capillaries under the scalp and promote blood circulation so that the hair follicles can get more nutrients.